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General Contractors

General contractors, the linchpin of successful construction projects, oversee the entire building process from inception to completion. At Royal Estimating Services, we recognize the pivotal role general contractors play in bringing visions to life. Our tailored services cater specifically to their needs, offering detailed construction cost estimating and material takeoff solutions.

Public Project Construction is an ever-green business that keeps running completing one project to another. The Public Project construction & takeoff is deeply rooted in the cost estimation service. The authentic project estimate tells a contractor about the future worth of the project they are going to bid for. For such an outline, we do the public project take-offs and estimating for you. We are well-recognized for always rendering more and better service than is expected.

We provide quantity takeoff and estimation services for a wide range of Multi-Family Private Buildings, otherwise called Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs), it includes but not limited to Cooperative Apartment Buildings and Condominium Apartment Buildings.

Precise, effective, and proficient commercial estimating services designed for commercial general workers for hire, subcontractors, commercial zone designers, architectural, designing, and engineering firms.

Our professional Single Family Residential Estimators generally work with their proficiency rapidly to provide house construction estimate. Before going further into your construction plan, having reliable single-family residential estimating is necessary.

Sub Contractors

Subcontractors play a vital role in the intricate tapestry of construction projects, specializing in specific trades or services and contributing their expertise to the overall success of a venture. At Royal Estimating Service, we recognize the importance of subcontractors in the construction ecosystem. Our tailored services address the unique needs of subcontractors, offering detailed construction cost estimating and material takeoff solutions.

Site work project workers, landscaping contractors, land engineers, general workers for hire depend on our site work estimating services for accurate and detailed site work estimate, cut and fill departure, and 3D guides conveyed to them inside 24 to 48 hours. With accurate figures, they win more bids and cut their above costs.

We have effectively provided concrete takeoff services for sidewalk, driveway, retaining walls, concrete pavement, waterproofing, parking garages, flatwork, basements, concrete foundation, concrete curbs, concrete slabs, and so on for different private and public activities.

Our expert masonry cost estimator, having practical knowledge of masonry works, quantify each and every detail in Division 4, masonry trade including all types and layout of bricks, CMU walls, clay and glass masonry, mortar and grout, brick veneer, bond beams, lintels, facing bricks, insulation, flashing, masonry reinforcement, masonry restoration, labor costs, and man-hours involved.

For metals estimating services, all decks, trusses, railings, stud framing, joists, gratings, and castings are appropriately described and quantified which is again proof checked by senior estimators to ensure that the quality of the minute things in takeoffs should be accurately completed.

Our lumber takeoffs include all the details like timber or lumber, labor cost, labor-hours. Through these details, we have helped them in winning the bids and in getting good markups. It eases the woodworkers with the lineal foot to board foot conversions. This ensures that the most of the timber is used with minimum wastage.

With the special focus on bid deadlines, budget constraints, and scope of the project, we provide ready to be submitted complete bids containing accurate cost estimates and material takeoff sheets to drywall contractors that help them in winning their bids with good profit margins. We quantify drywall sheets, drywall mud, acoustic insulation, sheathing, screws, beads, studs, headers, etc. along with manhours & labor costs.

Our expert estimators at Royal Estimating have years of wide-ranging experience in estimating various types of insulation including fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose or spray polyurethane foam insulation and meet the total requirements of the project and expectations of the clients.

Royal Estimating has a record of delivering Roofing Estimating Services of Division 7 from past years to General Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Membrane Roofing Contractors, Shingles Contractors, Steep Contractors, Damp proofing and Waterproofing Contractors, Roof Windows and Skylights contractors, Roofing Material contractors, etc.

Flooring Estimating may cause disrupt while estimating a construction project. To get yourself hassle-free, better to hire a professional Floor Estimating Services from a reputable company like us. It manages to help save your precious time and allow you to focus on other aspects of managing bids.

There’s always a demand for a commercial painting project in a disciplined and focused manner. At Royal Estimating, we have specialists to deliver you a qualitative Painting Estimate with the help of our experienced and professional painting estimating service. We offer accurate painting estimates to a variety of business types and commercial buildings.

Precise and super-fast plumbing estimating services for General Contractors, Piping, Plumbing, Mechanical Contractors and Designers throughout USA. With the proper knowledge of plumbing& mechanical systems, materials, labor rates, specifications, and various factors, our estimating professionals are experts with the latest takeoff software to perform on-screen takeoff and apply up to date zip code-based pricing using RS Means and our developed cost database for material and labor costs.

Royal Estimating offers a wide range of electrical estimating services, from low voltage to instrumentation and control takeoffs, with the knowledge, experience, and dedication that is necessary to provide you with the highest accuracy, reliability, and attention to detail.

Material Suppliers

Material suppliers form the backbone of the construction supply chain, providing the essential resources needed to bring construction projects to fruition. At Royal Estimating Services, we acknowledge the critical role material suppliers play in the successful execution of construction ventures. Our tailored services cater to the specific needs of material suppliers, offering detailed construction cost estimating and material takeoff solutions.

As an estimator we help contractors to provide accurate bids to help win more projects. We specialize in providing contractors with accurate flooring and tiles takeoff. Our services include flooring estimates of several materials such as wood, laminate, vinyl, and much more. Forget about the old way of getting estimates. Our estimators provide fast and reliable so you are always up-to-date with accurate pricing.

Lumber Contractors & Merchandise Providers Have Been Using Our Estimation and Material Order List Services Throughout The US.The millwork contractors come to RoyalEstimating for quantity material and labor takeoff of all the items involved in the scope of work.

Many of the steel fabricators and manufacturers, even steel framing contractors have trouble reading the technical details from the plans and making accurate takeoffs with structural details due to less technical know-how. We specialize in providing a complete range of steel estimating and detailing services with the ability to handle complex structures.